Back to school Tips

The tutoring team comes in to discuss tips for going back to school or homeschooling this year. 


Some insight into triggers and how they affect relationships. 

Family and Mental Health

We discuss how to have relationships with family members who may have mental health or addiction issues. 


Helping students and kids navigate in a cyber world. 


Bullying is a sensitive subject. The TRE3 feel that bullying can be all about perspective. Tune-in for bullying vs resiliency.

Brain levels

The T-R-E 3 discuss what is going on in our heads and all the hard topics that go along with brain noise.

Checking in

 On Episode 5 the T-R-E 3 do a quick check in. How are things going?

Isolation has lasted longer than anticipated. This isn't fun and new anymore. Listen for tips and advice on keeping your cool and helping your kids st...View Details

Episode 3 takes a look at Teens and what is considered normal behavior compared to what should be looked at as a mental health issue.

TRE3 and ADD

A little introduction about the TRE3 and a look at anxiety and ADHD.

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